911 in Brooklyn, Keep Rolling

Last week was the 10th anniversary of  9.11.2002. There was definitely an eerie feeling all week around the city, with memorials and art work put up in honor of everyone involved. It's hard for me to talk about dealing with the emotions of this day mostly because I never experienced it in this country first hand. I understand the great tragedy that took place and by no means wish to discredit or bypass the deep pain everyone went through.

An anniversary of this subject is an invitation to dive back into that foggy, dark pool of memories. So I want to talk about how to properly deal with emotions from memories. Simply put (and again, I do not wish to be insensitive), a memory (this goes for all memories) is a movie played by the mind of past proceedings. No matter how you like to replay it in your mind, the result will still stay the same.

The (past) event, as all things, happened in the present moment of its time. But life (the present moment) is like a continuous movie reel. If you stop it at anytime to rewind and replay, you would have stopped the reel from moving forward, from filming the present moment. By replaying that reel, you will never know what could have happened if you kept the reel going (if you stayed present), and you essentially stunted the length of the movie (your life).

We must honor our past, our entire movie reel. If we try to cut any portion out of it, we will only leave ourselves stuck in the place of the past where we cut it, while at the same time cutting ourselves off from the ongoing blank reel that we had yet to live.

After all, a movie reel's only purpose is to keep rolling until it runs out. Such is your life.

Here's what I saw that day...

With Love and gratitude for today, Alissa