Spooning with My Emotional Body

It's quite ironic that I'm talking about emotions during this week of high stress in my current (cause it flows) life situation. I have a number of jobs and projects I'm swimming in (currently), as well as having the pressure of our upcoming move on October 1st to... we haven't found a place yet! This week I have sadly handed myself over a few times to the full control of my emotional body. Lame! I knew I was doing it too! I could see and feel it coming and I just had no more me in me to stay being me. Does that make sense?

Think of a time when you were last emotional, I bet it's because you were tired or overwhelmed or stressed, right? In each of these cases the only thing that's missing to keep you strong is you, you were missing. I'm sure you've said this sentence at least once in your life 'Sorry, I wasn't being myself'. Who were you? Your emotional body!

When ever I'm in one of these states, I'm usually so engulfed in the situation that I forget the big picture, I forget that there's more to me that this. In effect I freeze my current / my flow/ my life, I'm spiritually not there anymore. My presence leaves and I allow the emotional body to carry me out. 

What to do?

Accept the state you're in (it's temporary). If you're tired, take it easy, sometimes it's not worth it to push yourself that extra, tiny 100 miles. First thing to say to yourself is 'it's ok', because it's always ok! If you feel like you're reaching a breaking point, take a step sideways, do something completely unrelated: make an origami dragon, comb a zen garden, stretch in a weird place, take a nap, break the cycle!

Then the fun part (and I've been trying real hard at this one), if the emotional body still comes to spoon you - watch it! Imagine it as a separate entity (which it energetically is), and see it as that creepy dude that used to stare at you a bit too long in high school, you don't want to get emotionally naked around that guy.

Basically, just visualize your emotional body as someone who you wouldn't want to carry you out of any situation, much less the river of life. If anything, this tactic will at least get you smiling through a tough part in your life.

Keep in mind, life only gives you what you can handle. The creeper doesn't need to hold you through this, you've got it!

With Love, Alissa