Who Wants Presents?

To have a presence you must be present. It's a gift we all have, some of us just haven't opened it yet. Some of us are wrapped up in the past and forget that that's only the exterior of the present.

The past is the colorful wrapping that coats the present, for some people it's so ugly and crooked that they don't even want to touch it to peel it off and discover the gift: so they're left looking at it, fearing it may be worse inside. And for others it's so beautiful that they'd rather stare at it because they fear what's inside may not be as perfect.

Ultimately, we don't keep the wrapping do we? It doesn't have any use once we've discovered what's inside.

Aaaaaahhhh you get it!

Now, time to get your present!

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about practicing Love for 28 days to make it a habit? Well, my sister Tanya from Better Raw took this to the ultimate level! She's so passionate about being healthy and getting us all to the state of optimal health that she buddied up with the best of the best and complied 28 days worth of gifts for us from organic skincare and raw chocolates to cookbooks, coaching sessions and superfoods.

It's day 11 today, check out what today's present is here.


With Love and presence, Alissa