Unwrap Your Present, Now!

When ever we meet someone new, we always examine the wrapping (past and persona) they come in. Our mind has been trained to look for patterns, especially when it comes to making a match for the 'self'. When ever we see a wrapping that looks like our own - the mind automatically makes the link that we are gifts from the same source and so we belong together, both in friendships and relationships. What the mind will never understand is that the gift is the same under every wrapping. The difference between us all is the amount of layers that cover our present (our true self).

When I met my husband Rick, I feel like we unwrapped each other almost instantly (come on guys, you know what I mean, follow the metaphor). We both knew each other (inside) without having to study the wrapping we came in.

In a way it almost frustrated me that Rick didn't need to hear about my past. I guess I liked holding on to my wrapping because it's so colorful. I'm proud of my accomplishments and the places I've been to, but ultimately they are not me and they are not part of the present, like I said, they are only wrapping that covers the gift.

There are a lot of things that I don't know about Rick's past either, mostly because his wrapping isn't as colorful. He says that he'll tell me anything I want to know about his past, but to remember that it has no use in the present. Because why would anyone rewrap an open gift?

What a wise man! I mean, if the gift was a cup for example, you wouldn't stuff the wrapping into it, that's just silly! You'd fill it with liquid that feeds your life, not useless crumpled paper.

With Love and Presence, Alissa