If You Don't Have Shadows, You're Not Standing in the Light

The title of this post is a quote by Lady Gaga. The poem below is by me :-)

Ready, aim,                     
But never fire.                          
Circle, circles,
Run, run, fall.
Spirals churn                     
With flush finales.                     
Doors with padlocks,
Shells and bubbles           
Call within,                              
But to shelter
Light’s impervious.
Believing lies                
And wearing masks.  
Illusion, delusion,                         
Everything is.

I just wanted to highlight the line 'to shelter light's impervious'. That applies to the physical reality (obviously) - the sun doesn't shine on you if you're under an umbrella. But it also applies in the energy world.

If you are sheltering yourself in some way, through a mask/persona, your light doesn't shine through.When your light doesn't shine, you are not you, you don't hold a presence. When you're not you, whatever shelter (darkness) that is acting on your behalf will attract its reflection. So have good look at yourself, make sure you love what you see, cause that's what's coming!

With Love, Your Reflection, Alissa