This is Why You're Here

Incarnation is a physical embodiment. But what embodies the physical? Where did it come from and where is it going? It's you. The real you.

Allow your mind to listen as your soul (you) reads the rest of this post...

Today, I want to remind you of who you are and why you're here.

You are an infinite vibration. A metamorphic entity. While you're human - you are incarnated to feel the limitations of time, physicality, and the mind (the ultimate obstacle course - if it was easy, no one would want to play). When you die, you continue to resonate through the ether. You may choose to re-incarnate on Earth or somewhere else. Each time you incarnate you interact with other vibrations around you to create Karma. When ever you leave a physical plane with unsettled Karma, you have unfinished business for which you much incarnate again to resolve the imbalance.

Each time you incarnate, you choose your circumstance. (Remember this next time you want to say 'I didn't choose this life', because you did!)

Think about it. One life (1-100 years) is a split-second in the realm of your eternal existence. You are pure energy and pure resonance - when you choose to incarnate, each time you want to expand your depth, so each time you would choose a new place, new look, new mind, new circumstance (rich/poor everyone has their obstacles/opportunities for growth). A family living in poverty in Africa will experience a different depth in love in comparison to a family brought up in suburban America.

There are so many lives we can live now that no wonder so many energies are choosing to incarnate here. It's the ultimate place for growth. 

We forget this. Society raises us and teaches us to expand our minds and leaves out the soul - the sole purpose we're here.

Grow your depth. Remember.


Stay in tune, Alissa