Where Shiva is Living These Days

As some of you may know, my parents live in a little village in Ecuador called Vilcabamba. In the last 5 years, new age hippies mostly from the US and the UK have migrated there with the purpose of forming a Eutopia.

All of these people are energetically aware and are seeking to develop their abilities. The funny thing is that a lot of them came with massive Egos.

I experienced this first hand. These people told me with a most serious face that they are the re-incarnation of Shiva (the Hindu God who "swallowed" all the evils of the Universe), Mary Magdalene, even Jesus!

So! I could tell you that I'm the re-incarnation of Horus - the Egyptian God of the sun. But it wouldn't matter at all would it?

The point is, even if this is true, it's only information. Information is useless unless it can be used, and in this case - it can't.

We can only live the life we're living now. It becomes an excuse when these people like "Shiva" emotionally explode upon people in the community and blame it on the characteristics of that God. Come on, that's just the epitome of non-sense!

Knowing where you came from and where you're going matters only in the energy sense - how much are you growing. But in no way should you try to relive your past life. There is a reason we come here with no memory of it.

Today, let's take a sec to think about the life we each chose. From your pure energy perspective, why did you choose this particular body? We all chose our limitations - of the physical appearance and the chemical composition of the mind. Have you propelled beyond them?

Why did you choose your family and your place of birth? How did they serve your growth and are you karmically balanced with them?

If you came here with a karmic imbalance, have you made it right?

Ask your self all of these questions, you know the answers. And you know what to do to set your self in balance.


Stay in tune, Alissa