The Karma Maze

Some of us have come here for the first time and some of us have re-incarnated. Either way, almost all of us were born with karma. First timers have chosen to take on the load from our families, to help them in their karmic release - it seemed so simple when we were pure energy, but like I said, we were born with no memory of who we are (or how to release karma). So, here we are going along with all this expired karma. It's still weighing on our energy field but no longer serves our growth.

It was intended to serve as a pathway: into meeting the people you were supposed to be with - at work, in friendships and relationships. You were supposed to "clear the air" in this life. But now, with the rise in consciousness, old karma serves as an impedance to our growth rather than a stimulant - as we keep bumping into the energies we had previously clashed with some time ago.

What would happen if all our karma was gone? The contracts we had with all the other energies we were supposed to settle resonance with - written off?

The path would be gone. Bad thing? No such thing as bad...

You karma now is path like a maze, where you're guided to reach the center (your center/total alignment). If we were to take away this karma, we would take away the maze and then be able to walk straight to the center - to live there permanently in total alignment, instead of wondering around the walls we build for ourselves in our past lives.

So let's do it!

Sit/stand/lie down with your eyes closed, have your energy circuit open with your hands and feet facing outward: you're connecting so you want the energy from you centers (hands and feet) to flow freely.

Call forth all the energies that you have karmic contracts with. Express your gratitude for their intention to serve your growth. Feel. Become in tune to the feelings they give you. If there is something unsettling, address it and agree to put the resonance between you two in balance. All you have to do is visualize the the wave between you as turbulent, then watch it calm itself to the steadiness of the deep, peaceful ocean floor as you mutually agree to let go of the contracts you set. (This should happen quite quickly and easily: there shouldn't be any resistance from the other energies after the initial gratitude - as you have acknowledged each others' purpose of existence).

You may have only one or two of these karmic contracts or you may have hundreds. You can address them all at one time. This may be a little intense, but when you are purely energy, your capacity is infinite, you can do this!

We're all connected, make sure your connections are all peaceful and balanced. Light shines in straight lines, make sure your light isn't in squiggles to prevent unwanted entanglements that keep you in the karmic cycle.


Stay in tune, Alissa