Dear Alissa, I Love You

Self love is spending that extra dollar on the upgrade to an organic avocado, self love is a bath with the best quality salts and that amazing smelling candle you always wanted to buy but thought it was too expensive to just get for yourself. Self love is the discipline to stop your mind in the act of ordering a pizza, then going to make yourself a wholesome salad (with love) instead. It is listening to the needs of your body and spirit rather than denying them - with nutrition, sleep, physical love, exercise, meditation, expression, creation and contribution. It is allowing for the forces that want to take your hand to write (or draw or dance or sing): to write, instead of telling them 'not now, I'm busy'.

Self love is nothing to do with the ego mind.

Self love is being in tune with the energy around you. It is knowing that you are not on your own, that there are forces guiding and helping you and you have a responsibility to them - for these forces to manifest into your perfect reality, you must cultivate your relationship with them. Listen.

Self love is the ability to look in the mirror and smile, with total acceptance (pimples and all) of who you chose to carnate as (because you chose your body).

Self love is knowing your worth. When you know how much you mean to the people around you, you'll never again feel threatened or jealous. Be confident in the love you give.

Self love is knowing when situations are reaching their expiration date: in relationships/friendships, work, environment (housing and city), passions/hobbies. One day, a situation may be as healthy as a green juice, but the next day you should smell it before drinking. Access your situations, have the strength to walk away from bad juice - sometimes it's easier to make a new one rather than being sick after force feeding yourself.

Self love is accepting your life as it is right now, and being honest enough to know that you created it (all of it) - the good and the bad. It is knowing that you have the power to change it.

Self love is a lifestyle. Only when you love and understand yourself completely first, you will gain the capacity for pure love and compassion for all people - we're all made of the same stuff.


This is a reminder letter to myself. Sometimes  (most of the time), we program ourselves to function on 'go mode' and forget that we can live in 'be mode'. In go mode we're constantly thinking of what we have to do next and so we lose ourselves in the process. In be mode, we first listen to ourselves (our inner self, not the problem solving mind) and then move forward in our lives and take proper actions that we can be present in to create a life that's worth it.

Use this as a letter for yourself too, read it now and then to remind yourself of your worth. Address it with: Dear [your Name], I Love You.


Stay in tune, Alissa