The 'Undo' Button for Your Life

  I once said that everything that happens first happens in the energy world and then materializes into the physical. That's basically what karma is. You do something awesome for someone, that energy is reflected back at you and finds its way into a physical host (the manifestation of your karma). Your reality is the manifestation of your accumulated energy projections.

Same goes for the shitty things you do. Including the things you do (and don't do) for yourself. I can probably sum up for all people that our biggest critic is ourselves. We think we're not good enough or we think we're too good, our mind condemns us for our actions or inactions and on and on. Picking up on the hint?

Ding ding ding! It's just the mind. The mind is the mind's biggest critic. What a pickle!

Let's lose the mind for a sec. What are we left with? Our beautiful infinite selves and the body we chose to carnate into for a few years. How perfect.

The thing is, the mind has power in this life and plays into the creation of your physical existence. It too affects your energetic state and therefore your physical state. So think about what you could be manifesting when you're condemning yourself - it's just the same as if you were condemning someone else, that reflection will carnate and it won't be pretty.

But there is another layer: time. You may have noticed by now that karma isn't always on schedule. It may even take a few years before the effects of your self doubt and judgements come to life.

Take a minute right now to close your eyes and feel all of your energetic projections throughout your whole life - as far as you can remember it. You may see them as colors or feel them as dense or light forces, you'll know which ones are the negatives. Transform the negative vibrations into light before they manifest into your life.

This takes a minute. It's worth every second.


Stay in tune, Alissa