We're Not Alone

Two years ago, my parents and I took a trip to Moscow. A friend of theirs had a cottage on the far outskirts of the city. It was October and the frost was already glazing the grass. It was beautifully secluded. Everyone else had already locked up their cottages and headed in to the city for winter, but we came out for a little peace and sauna time.

This trip was my graduation present. So this was the first time I had really begun thinking about the steps I need to take to fulfill my goals. Ideas kept filling my head and I just had to write something down.

The night we arrived at this cottage, here is what came through my hand:



You have many dreams to live Alissa,
For you we will lay out the red,
We won’t make you walk alone,
There’s a driver who will take you there instead.
So many dreams in each direction,
All you have thought we’ve heard,
The time has come for its realization,
You’re now a star, a song, a bird.
You’ve passed your lessons with A plus,
Our duty now is to see you though,
Make sure your path is straight and clear,
Alissa were all here for you.

As soon as I put my notebook down I noticed it was midnight, then out of nowhere - literally nowhere, there's a car that drives into our driveway with beaming lights. We were afraid - who turns up at midnight to a random driveway in the middle of nowhere?!

So my Dad walked outside into the freezing dark to see what the driver wanted. Dad comes back into the house baffled as the car drives away, "the driver said that someone had ordered a taxi for this address" (taxi's don't even go this far out of the city).

Then I read them all this poem...


Stay in tune, Alissa