Find Out All You've Ever Wanted to Know

Me time is one of the most important meditation rituals each and every one of us needs to have as a regular occurrence in our lives. Me time is firstly satisfying the mind: answering emails, paying the bills, basically just checking off your to do list.

Secondly, it is satisfying the body: having a stretch or yoga, then a bath, washing your hair, shaving your legs (or not, whatever makes you feel most clean) - washing away the past. And then having a big glass of water (saying I love you to it before drinking) to renew your liquid composition. Then making yourself something (again, with love) that you know will replenish all your organs.

Finally, you're done with the 'doing' and can get on with the 'being'.

Lie down, sit down, relax. It's dream time. What have you always wandered about life? About why you're here? About the people around you? About the future? It's time to ask.

In your relaxed state, ask all your questions, everything! If you think that any question is stupid, it's just your mind getting in the way of your growth: don't let it!

I started my dream time with yes or no questions. I'd ask then with my eyes closed I would imagine a big YES or NO sign in front of me and wait for my gut reaction to tell me whether the YES or NO I was seeing felt right. Because sometimes you're unsure whether your mind or your soul is answering, so wait for the gut feeling (it's good intuition practice).

After a while, I began asking everything and putting all the pieces together. I would sometimes feel the answers right away, and sometimes I had to wait for a sign.

I think that whenever our questions aren't answered right away is because we're either asking the wrong question or we're asking it in the wrong sequence, i.e we must know something else before we find out the answer to our question. We may think that we're asking a full picture question, but we could be missing the crucial blind spot.

But know, that all your questions will be answered.


Stay in tune, Alissa