The Rum Pum Pum

I wrote this poem below about a year ago (love it). Fitting for this week of synchronization and interconnectedness, I think it needs no explanation. Let me know your interpretation and what you think/feel here!  P.S. the drums are your heart.

I want the drums, I want the drums
I want want, bang bang, feet!
Hand turns to fist without a friend,
Flow clenched to thin secrete.
If I don’t hear the rum pum pum
I will not dance or see!
I’ll fill my veins with other food,
Clog more than arteries.
I know, I know, I know, I know,
That full is not fulfilled.
Adorned means not adored, but still
I eat and wear what’s killed.
I’ll rummage through, past all the noise,
To hear that waning beat.
The one that says that we-are-one,
Silence ‘I want’, ‘I need’.

Stay in tune (literally), Alissa