What I've Been Up to in the Past Few Years

If my life were a game show, it would probably be the Amazing Race: meeting people, getting one clue at a time, reaching destinations, completing challenges. It took a lot of roundabouts, short cuts and pit stops to get here: to be married, in New York, with my own business. Here's how it all started...

On January 1st 2009, I planned to leave for Thailand for 6 months from Auckland, New Zealand (where we had been living for the past 13 years) to do an international exchange for my last year of university. It is October 2008, I have my tickets and I'm enrolled in the partner school in Bangkok. Suddenly, my parents decide they need to move to Toronto, Canada early 2009 and need me to move there first to set up their accounts.

"But I've already got my tickets to Thailand, and it's already all organized for me to go!" "Well, change it. We'll pay for a 10 day holiday there instead" - Can't argue with that.

So I went to see my exchange co-ordinator, and he say's I'm lucky because the school in Montreal owes him a favor...

December 1st(ish) 2008, I have a 6am flight to sunny Bangkok. My Dad takes me to the airport, we check in my suit case and I get a bad feeling. Such a bad feeling that I get dizzy. I asked to get my suitcase back and cancelled my flight. Later that day, I found out that a bomb went off that day at the Bangkok airport...

January 1st I arrive into a -20 degree Celsius blizzard: welcome to Montreal.

Instead of Thailand, I got to take a month long trip through central America after my semester in Montreal. I had followed Drunvalo's path through the seven chakras of pacha mama. (You can find them in his book 'The Serpent of Light'). There, I had studied and learned all about the Mayan calendar which later propelled me into studying other spiritual cultures further.

May 1st 2009, I move in with my parents in Toronto. I still had to do a semester long internship to complete my Business degree. I got an internship in the city, as well as a job in a restaurant at night. My parents lived in the country side of Toronto: a 40 minute drive to the city, so I moved in with some roommates to be closer to all my work.

Somewhere in between, I also took a trip to Russia, Egypt, the UK, Germany and the US.

March 2010, my parents decide to move to Ecuador. So I decide to move to London to be with my sister. I must have tried to complete the visa application online about 10 times, each time some sort of technical error would occur until I realized that life was giving me a blatant hint! "Go somewhere else!"

Ding, ding, ding! New York is just an 8 hour drive!

I went to NZ for a few weeks to get all my paper work etc. July 2010 I officially moved to New York. Here's what's happened since then, up to the future:

Phase 1: I sang, I waitressed, I bar tended, I cleaned, I styled, I interned, I worked in sales, I interned again, I studied online and bar tended some more. The 'hustler' seed planting phase.

Phase 2: I traveled (Italy, UK, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia), I created UC, I created a home with my husband, I've cultivated relationships to move me into a career. The growing phase.

Phase 3: (I'm transitioning into this phase right now). It's the flowering phase (it already sounds promising). Selling products on UC, visiting my family with my husband in Ecuador and starting an amazing job. I'll let you know how it goes...

Phase 4: (The future). The fruition. Mmmmm can't wait to taste the sweet mangoes (my fruit of choice) of success.

My point is.. everything that happened, had to happen for me to be where I'm at: the big, the little, the good, the bad, the weird, the exhausting and the awesome. All of it was a connected path with doors, keys and padlocks. Sometimes I had to knock and wait and some times I could walk right in. But all of it was worth it.

No matter which phase you're at, remember, it's just a phase and it will mean something some day!

[I'll post pics on Thursday]

Stay in tune, Alissa