The Best People in the World (Part 1)

Today I want to showcase the people in my life these past few years (this is part 1, there are still many more to show in part 2 next week), as well as a few places I mentioned on Monday. Why are they the best people in the World? Because I decided so. I decided a long time ago that who ever I meet in my life will be an outstanding person. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE knows at least one thing I don’t know, in this way, they are all my teachers.

Life would be no fun without interaction. I try to make sure all of mine are positive. In this way, all my links (friendships) are synched (karmically charged to form the situations in my life). If you want to change your situation, change your interactions first: with friends and strangers (soon to be friends), when you’re the light that shines on them everyday, you know your World will become sunny too.

I love you guys!

Stay in tune, Alissa