Are You Straight or Spiked?

It's a fact, that in our lives, we all need a little drama. The level of drama we each need depends on many factors, but either way, if it doesn't find us, we will create it.

Think of a typical house wife for example. Her life is virtually drama free. So when her husband comes home from work (if the job is not monotonous, it has a sufficient dose of drama) intriguingly happy or late or even with a gift for her, the mind begins to play. She begins to ask questions of 'what if', creating turbulence in the relationship: a wave that ultimately she is responsible for smoothing out.

We crave these waves.

Think of your life right now as a line. Draw it on a piece of paper, the line starts from as far back as you remember. Put a star at the point where you are now. Be honest with yourself. Is it straight? Curved? Spiked? In which direction is it going? Are you satisfied with it? Does it feel like you?

There is no right or wrong answer, like I said, each of us need different levels of turbulence. The point of this exercise is to find out how much you need in your life so that you can take hold of it and understand how to use it.

Now, take another piece of paper and draw your future. Draw the line as straight or as curvy or spiky as you feel comfortable. This is how you'd like your life to be from this point onwards.

Straight liners are usually quite timid and enjoy the steadiness of life, while spikers seek adventure and when they can't find it, they will create it in their relationships.

Know what type of line of life you have and work with it. If you're a straight liner, stay home during a storm. If you're a spiker, you'll probably go out to surf its waves.

Stay in tune, Alissa