Life's a Beach

If you ever get to watch the ocean, you'll notice that waves rise and fall (obviously). This happens quite harmoniously and you'll probably agree that there's nothing to cry about. If you watch this for long enough, it gets almost monotonous: in a very comforting kind of way: you know there will always be another wave.

Yesterday I taked about the waves in our lives, but for some reason, when it comes to our lives: each time a wave rises we burst with excitement, when it's on its way down, we try to hold it up and when it crashes (naturally), we are overcome with devastation. Imagine if we had the same effect when watching the waves of an ocean, quite ridiculous isn't it?

As we are an inseperable part of nature, our life events and situations are designed to come in waves - just like in nature. So to have any sort of repressive or defensive response to the ups and downs in your life is completely unnatural.

Instead, learn to become an observer of your life: take yourself out of your situations/out of the ocean and just watch it. There's nothing wrong or scary or exciting, it just is, and it will always just be.

There's nothing wrong with having big swells in your life, just learn how to ride those big waves. If it's not for you, find a quiet beach.

Stay in tune, Alissa