Storm Warning

This poem is about an emotional storm that often happens within us. It happens as a result of unresolved build up of events and suppressed emotions that you have not yet dealt with - from a particular situation, and life can give you no more time for it. If you can't go inside (within yourself) to weather it out, there's really no where else to go. Be smart during your storms, keep yourself warm inside and you'll always make it out.

There’s a storm warning
It’s time to go inside,
And if you find it cold,
There’s no where else to hide.
See, I’m in trouble with my emotions,
They are the storm
Which cloud the sun
That is my heart,
And I just pray that this rain
Which pours from my eyes
Can wipe away the bank of memory
In which you reside…
Only then the downpour will subside.


Stay in tune, Alissa