How to Part Clouds

As soon as I realized that I don't have to power to part clouds, I was able to do it. In my life I have the power to choose. That's the only power I have. Everything else is governed by other forces.

The only way to use the power of all other forces is to become friends with them. Become such good friends with such a strong relationship that these forces would do anything for you if you would just ask.

My husband and I just spent three beautiful weeks in Ecuador. When we arrived at the beach, it was cold and cloudy. So I asked if the clouds would part for us to enjoy the sun. For effect (for my own fun), I waved my arms around as if I was actually parting the clouds. My husband asked me, 'do you really believe that you are parting the clouds?' I said 'no, I don't believe I can, but I'm good friends with the sky and I think it wouldn't mind moving them for us'.

An hour later, the sky was clear and blue and we were sunbathing! I said 'thank you' to the sky: attention and gratitude for the source of power which performed the task you asked for is the reciprocation any friend needs to strengthen a relationship - yes even with energetic forces, everything needs to feel appreciated.

Love your surroundings and they will do anything for you.


Stay in tune,

Alissa Alekseeva-Hundley