Explore Your Awesome Dumb Self

Yesterday I said that the only power I have in my life is the power to choose. Today, I'd like to elaborate and say that the only thing I can control is myself. Even that is hard to do sometimes!

I feel that once we gain control of our minds, we will be the most powerful selves we can be in our physical existence.

What I mean by that is, as a collective, we are controlled by our minds. Our minds solve problems for us, they plan routes and break obstacles. We rely so heavily on our brains for these activities in society that when it comes time for love, peace and beauty - we don't know how to shift the power to our soul.

Love, peace and beauty then becomes conceptual: an idea that the brain cannot fully grasp. But the brain will always try to do its best, so it sends triggers to the body to respond to thoughts of these ideas and alas, we have emotion.

Please understand that emotion is a bodily response to thought. You can experiment this on yourself. Next time you're experiencing an emotion: happiness, love, sadness etc, observe the mind pattern that led you to that emotion. I bet that it was a repetitive phrase that snowballed so far in your mind that it called for a reaction in your body. Nothing more.

Now, when we shift the power to the (all knowing) soul, there is no repetition, no panic, no fear. There is only total acceptance. Only the soul understands love and has the ability to live in peace and recognize beauty. You will know when you've shifted your power: it's a feeling of dumb happiness. Dumb because the mind thinks you're an idiot for not being able to explain yourself.

When you shift your power to your soul, you will have so much love for your partner, your family, your friends and strangers. The soul doesn't need a reason to love them, that's its natural state.

Practice getting into your natural state as often as possible. I understand you need your problem solving brain for work and function, but when you're at home, just love your space and who you're with.


I love you without reason,