Power of the Eye

You know all about the power of the mind, but the mind doesn't even compare to what the eyes hold...

Fun time! Next time you're with a friend, ask them to look deep into your eyes and tell you what they see.

This is the best way to get to know someone really well, really fast. It's because what ever they say they see in your eyes is actually a perfect reflection of who they are. They think they're reading you, but they're really only describing themselves!

I've done this with a few of my friends and every time the answers have been completely different. Some say they see joy, fear, love, withdrawal... all are aspects from their own lives.

Only after the exercise I ask them about the characteristics they listed about me from my eyes and how these relate to their own lives. It's interesting to watch how they begin to realize for the first time what they've been storing inside themselves.

You're helping them figure out 'where their at' in their life. The mind solves problems (but a lot of the time doesn't even know what the problem is), whereas the eyes hold your truth. The mind can describe what your life is like (and possibly miss important aspects), but the eyes have the ability to show you a 360 picture of your existence. Trust the eyes, always.

It's so easy to look at problems and difficulties from an outsider's point of view - they seem simple to fix from this perspective. So when you get your friend into this frame of mind about their own problems (before they even realize that these are their problems), they will then seem easier to deal with.


It's extremely common for us not to know what's going on deep within us, and it's a beautiful thing to discover it through seeing it in someone else.


Stay in tune,