Tap Into Your Inner Universe

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 1.53.05 PMWhen you begin to really understand yourself: the workings of our mind, the cravings of your body and the needs of your soul, you begin to understand everything. Your existence is a mini model of the Universe itself. No, your body doesn't look like a Universe, but the universal laws and knowledge are within your soul, your physical body is just as strong and just as delicate as any aspect of the physical totality. And the mechanics of your brain are chemically programmed to 'do', to function, grow, progress and eventually die and transform: like any World, Star or Galaxy.

So through knowing yourself, you will know all.

Most people experience a muse right before they fall asleep: a transition period from the conscious to the subconscious mind. This is the perfect time to tap into your inner Universe and catch your brain up to everything your soul knows.

I started developing the relationship between my brain and soul through simple yes/no questions. I would lie in bed and ask a question: everything from my purpose to my future, my friends and life in general. I would imagine a big green YES or a big red NO after every question, like the cube of a magic 8 ball floating to the surface with its answer.

How do you know that the answer you get is right? You will feel it. This state between conscious and subconscious means that the mind is too tired to argue with your soul so instead it observes: which is why you can remember.

And no, you're not just talking to yourself. You're talking to the part of you which is connected to all and knows all. Have respect for yourself and your Universe, it's the only thing that is real. It's the only place that is constant and infinite, you can find comfort here.

When you feel start feeling confident with your yes/no answers you can imagine situations. When you ask your soul a question, you will find that you rarely do this with words or thought, rather you ask with your imagination.

Imagine a situation happening: it may be an event you're not sure about going to or something you are trying to manifest into your life, like a job, an apartment, a person, an object, whatever, imagine yourself interacting with it. Does it provide growth to your soul? Do you feel good in this situation?

That's all there is. Life is always that simple, try not to over think it, rather feel your way into knowing yourself and your Universe. 


Trust yourself, you're the only thing you can always rely on.

Stay in tune,


this pic is from a cute related post by 'dinosaur toes' blog, enjoy!