Tap into the Power of the Universe

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 1.53.05 PMThis week I'm talking about knowing. Knowing yourself means knowing the Universe. Yesterday I talked about ways you can get to know yourself a little better. Today I just want to tell you something you should know!

You have three major points of energy: they are where your energy comes in and out of your body.

1. Your hands: the palms of your hands are your ticket to inter-world and personal connections. Think about it, you connect with someone through their energy center with a hand shake. You show compassion to someone by placing your hand on them (and automatically pouring love energy in). You show your hands to animals to let them know you mean no harm - they sense the vibration from your hands.

2. Your feet: your feet are responsible for your connection and interaction with the physical Earth. Try to take your shoes off when you're in a park for that kinetic connection.

3. Your head: the crown of your head has an invisible string of energy that is connected to the Universe. Use this string when you want to channel strength, light, love, etc: you're connected to it already, you just need to pull on those strings for them to run through your being and shine out of you - through your feet (to the Earth) and through your hands (to everyone around you).

How do you pull on these strings? Just ask.


Stay in tune,



Super sweet new street art in Williamsburg: inter-connection to Brooklyn <3


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