You're in the Truman Show

lkyRemember that movie 'The Truman Show'? How do you know you're not in it right now? I mean, Truman only found out his life was being filmed and watched when he was in his 40s... How would your life change if you knew every step you took was being watched and every word you spoke was heard?

If your life were a show, who is your audience? Is it a comedy or a drama? Is it what you thought it would be?

Imagine your life as a movie. You have the power to change its genre (if you're not quite happy with where its at right now). Define your audience. Do you inspire them? I'm talking about with everything you do - not just what the people around you see.

Are you interesting? Captivating? Likable? Are you the hero or the villain?

If you were watching your life, what would you want to see? Define a perfect movie/life for yourself, set some standards for you to live up to. Make sure your life is worth watching for your audience, what can they learn from you?

This is a tool is shaping your perfect self. Become your own idol. Make your life worth watching.


Stay in tune,


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