A Poetic Prophecy

kjgtI wrote this about two years ago. It didn't make any sense to me back then, I just kept writing without stopping to analyze what was relaying onto paper. Now as we're nearing the 'end of time' phenomenon, a few of the lines are gaining their meaning. I'm still unsure about the first two stanzas, I invite you to interpret it for me in the comments! Enjoy, don't take it completely literally.

This Friday 12.21.12, I will personally be saying goodbye to my past, embracing the present and visualizing an awesome future. As I always say, everything happens in the energetic field first before it materializes into physical reality.

End or beginning, the 21st will be a special day. Take a few minutes to yourself (at 11.11am if you can) to sit with your hands and feet together and imagine connecting to the rising consciousness that governs the our physical existence. Imagine yourself growing with it, expand, give in to the Universe, feel the love within.

Remember your purpose, especially at this time: to grow the Universe that you are.

The glass elephant will break,
You won’t catch it in its flight.
The drummer’s song will swim in white.
Spaceships will fly
Amongst seasonless birds,
No one will stand to argue.
For once we’ll all be free in the unknown.
Roses will fall out of cycle,
One season will suffice,
It will be a little hard to breathe.
Spirals will reveal their power
And time will tick tock off.
Love omitted will return.
Flames will rise above the water,
We will watch the fire burn.

With Love. Stay in tune,