A Good Start

IMG_0368If a genie was to come into my life right now and say 'paint me a picture of your perfect life and I will materialize it', I'd reply that I'm already there. Yes of course more money would help, but when looking at life from all angles, the money that I didn't have in certain situations created a much more colorful scenario for my experience. In being part of the working middle class my whole life this far, I've been forced to be creative in the attainment of goodies and this has built my character. I wouldn't even dream of changing it.

We are a materialistic race. Whatever we have, even if it may have been our perfect projection of reality, we will always want more.

Keeping this in mind, I'm happy in the building stages of my idea of the perfect life: in my materialistic, spiritual, physical and relationship aspects.

It will never be perfect. Because if it is, it means I've stopped growing.

So I'll strive to keep growing and building in all aspects of my life and I'll find the pinnacle of happiness in the process of the growth, because that's what life is: a constant course of evolution with no perfect end point, so we must find happiness in what ever stage we are in.

My goal in this new era is to strive for a perfect tomorrow - knowing it will never come (as there is always another 'tomorrow' when you wake up), while keeping the balance of contentment in the efforts of today.


Stay in tune,


there will always be another door to walk through, even in paradise