Christmas Connection

IMG_0368So the World didn't end on the 21st! We're still here! What did happen was a sudden shift in consciousness.

If you can imagine a cloud of common consciousness that we all access and channel ideas and information from, this is what evolved on that day. The shifts prior to this one have lead us into the progressive eras the World has seen this far from the  industrial to technological and virtual that we are in now.

The leaders of these eras have been completely in tune to the cloud of consciousness that feeds our ideas and progress. This makes sense when you think about how two people on opposite sides of the World can invent something new in the same week - they're in tune.

On the 21st, our consciousness rose another level, and who ever is in tune will lead us into the next era.

To make sure you're in tune, take 5 minutes away from your peeps today to sit with your palms and feet together (to have a closed body circuit), leaving only your head open to connect to the Universe. Visualize your connection to this consciousness cloud like an umbilical cord that feeds you life energy, ideas and emotional strength.

When you're connected, you will grow automatically with future shifts and I bet you'll have some new ideas too - for what ever it is you may be doing.


Stay in tune and merry Christmas, Love,


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