Another Circle is Complete

hgtFor some reason, I only just now realized that I wrote 2011 there <-- oops, brain fart! I meant to say that this week I'm sharing pieces from my 2012 journal, getting it aaaaaall out, to start the new year fresh. So here's the last of last year, enjoy! - I've been running for miles, I've been talking to the World, I've been thinking of how I could describe it in words...

- The answer to the question: 'why do you love me?' is equivalent to putting fools gold on your ring finger. It's the same as asking a dog and expecting a verbal answer. Equally, to resuscitate a perfectly beating heart.

- I watch the fabrication of emotions toward dead matter from thick air. It's heavy but it's still only imagined.

- Piece by piece I piece my peace.


Stay in tune and welcome the Universe in, it's open,



Notes from my Mandala class this year in Ecuador

Some Alantean symbols I learned at Damanhur

My new 2013 journal :-)