Three Things We Know for Sure

drvWe seek knowledge only so far as to complete a puzzle. Once the puzzle seems complete, we are content in leaving that subject. But because the puzzle of the after life or the soul energy cannot be proven, its something we will continue to contemplate as a species until the very day we die, and we all will.

I have a few theories of my own, but today I want to focus on what we do know about ourselves.

1. We come here with no memories.

2. We cannot change the circumstances we are born into - race, religion, surroundings, family, appearance.

3. We cannot get any info from anyone who has already died.

It's all part of the deal in entering a human experience. As infinite beings, we want to experience physical limitations without  the hindrance of knowing our infinite fate when we come into this life. If we were born knowing what will come after life, it would be no fun, we would literally sit and wait, or if life got too hard, we would end it ourselves.

Instead, we fight for our lives because we haven't been taught of what's to come when we do die. That's a beautiful thing. It teaches us to focus on what we do know and make the most of what we've been given, because it is for a reason.

Accept your circumstances, what can you learn from them right now?


Stay in tune,