The Game of Life

drvComing home on the train from work everyday I've begun to notice that about 30% of the train population plays video games on their phones. I started to cultivate a fascination of which games people choose to play. To me, it seems like there's a parallel between the game and the person's life needs - in terms of growth and challenge. The games I've watched range from basic color matching to full on dragon fighting - I think this is based on the level of development of each player, i.e they only play what they are suited for (and life is the same way).


Level 1: depending on what game you choose to play in your life, level one will always be the easiest and most primitive. Level one serves as a learning ground of the rules of the game, you can start over infinite times until you understand it enough to move on to level two.

Level 2 and Beyond: with each new level that you enter - it will be the same game only it will gain layers of complexity. If you can't handle the level, you'll start the level again and depending on the game, you will generally get three chances before having to start the entire game again.

- The game won't keep putting you through something you're not ready for.


Throughout your life, you'll win, you'll fail, you'll earn bonus rounds and sometimes you'll even have to start again. 

When it gets really hard, remind yourself that it's just a game. Be clever in the way you play it, use these opportunities to grow because you might surprise yourself and find a hidden power you haven't had to use before (my Dad reminds me of this all the time).

But no matter if you win or lose, the end credits always say the same thing: 'Game Over'. So make sure you have fun, otherwise you should ask yourself why you're playing in the first place.


Remember, you chose to play this game of life. Observe the parameters given to you. Figure out what your superpower is and learn which buttons to push to access it.


Stay in tune,


my super power is light sharing, what's yours?

a Christmas present from the guy who knows me best :-)