The Manifestation Dance

drvWhen you first begin to like someone, as a friend or potential partner, I'm guessing you have learned by now that you don't tell them that right away. Instead, you would play a game of push and pull where you share a part of yourself and then wait for a response, no matter how long that response may take. Because when you push twice without a response, you may have pushed them (and the potential relationship) over. I like to think of it as a dance. Each person is different - like each song is different, you must learn the rhythm of each song to be able to stay in tune to it.

The same goes for anything else you want in your life, getting it requires attune-ment to its rhythm and allowing it to come to you when you ask it to dance. Respect that it has its own will as an energetic being (it can be a car, a house, a job, a garden, whatever), everything has an energetic existence. So if you want it to come to you / if you want to manifest it, just as you would with a person, learn its beat (its vibrational frequency) and dance with it in your meditation.

Then watch how quickly it materializes into your life, because what ever it is that you meditatively danced with, it will just want to be around you in the physical.

I first read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne when I was 18, and right around that time I was fortunate enough to meet a woman who said this to me:

'Have you ever really really reaaaally wanted something with a passion and you just didn't get it? But then when you only kind of want something, you always get it? It's because in wanting something strenuously bad, like a river - you freeze its flow and it can't get to you. You must learn how to trust that it's making its way down that river to you, because every time your emotions rule your manifestation - you stop its flow.'

Another beautiful way of looking at manifestation.

Push-pull, dance or drift down the river, I hope you get what you want.


Stay in tune,




Here's my life in NY this week - in pictures <3

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P.S. Congratulations to my sister Tanya and her new husband to be, who got engaged last night under this beautiful Aurora Borealis at the Arctic Circle. I love you guys, I'm so happy for you!