We. Are. The Becoming.

drvEverything that I've been talking about here on this blog could be classified as "New Age" stuff; talking about 'The Secret', 'The Power of Now', meditation, understanding energy and living consciously. But I reeeeeeally don't like that label.

To me, new agers are the generation before the Indigo and Crystal kids; creating quite a paradox as, well, they're all quite old.

New agers in my experience are the people who stare deeply in your eyes kind of creepily and generally see spirituality through a mystical veil.

Indigos and all other forms of true new light beings here on Earth are bearers of the knowledge to bring us into this new age/era of higher consciousness - simply and clearly, transcending all the confusion that mysticism brings. But as a group, we don't like this label 'indigo' either. So I wanted to propose a new one: The Becoming.

The problem we've had in all religions is that they are unchanging over the centuries and millenniums of their existence. Their presence has caused an imbalance in humanity as a whole: we make huge progresses in science and technology but our spiritual growth/soul growth is stumped and left behind in the time of religion's ancient conception.

'The Becoming' is what we all are, it's not something we believe, rather it's a label-less word to be used as an explanation of what you stand for. It stands for living in this moment and growing into the next. It's about a constant adjustment and attune-ment to the ever changing environment and cosmos around you - a constant striving for self growth. There is no one thing that you believe in and the only thing you are responsible for is your self.

What comes next is what we believe. We are the future, we are the becoming, so we believe in ourselves now.


Stay in tune,



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