My Love Mixtape for Valentine's Day

If you were to ask the Universe brain to tell you what love is, it couldn't. So why do we keep trying to ask each other and oursleves? When we try to rationalize our love for someone, we realize that in fact there is no rational reason why we would love someone at all. That's where I think we're at as humanity today. We want to love, we think it's a good idea, we try to understand it, to prove a point with it and end up failing every time, because love is not a "smart" concept.

Love is an expression. It has an air of warmth and you know when its in your presence. Don't try to understand it, but rather attune yourself to the feeling, it's like a soft, quiet, beautiful melody that you have to tune everything else out for - just to be able to hear it. 

And when you hear that song, let it take you away, quiet your mind, because here is nothing your mind could come up with that is better than this song - Love.

What does your song sound like?


Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 10.57.03 PM

Try this little exercise. In the comfort of your room or home or garden, where ever you feel like is a 'you' space, sit there for a moment and try to hear what kind of vibration exists in that space, i.e. what kind of song you are playing. Feel the air around you. Is it a happy melody? Is it sad? Is it angry, scattered, quiet, loud,  soft, sharp, high low, etc? Is it the song you want others to hear when they see you?

Now try this. Become the conductor of this orchestra and change the pace of your melody to something of a lullaby. The pitch is mid to high range, at 528hz to be exact, just like this. Turn your volume down, you don't want to impose your song onto others, you want to draw people in to come listen to it.

What feeling does this give you? Keep tweaking your song until it has the ability to warm your insides and make you feel safe and nurtured, even if you're standing outside naked in New York during Nemo; so that when people come in to your presence, they will feel this air and they too will feel loved. They won't be able to explain it, but both of you know exactly what it is.


Love is not something that can be taught, explained or conquered. To ask someone 'why do you love me?' is to ask someone why leaves are green or why dogs are born with four legs. Yes, you can fish for an answer and it will probably come but it won't be the right one and the words will never be as satisfying as the feeling.

If you don't know what to get someone for Valentine's day yet, give them your song. It sounds super cheesy, I know, but trust me, there is no greater gift than the genuine feeling of being loved.

The most beautiful song means nothing to someone who hasn't heard it. Share your love.


Stay in tune,



Enjoy some pictures from my magical week:

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P.S. Happy Birthday to my most beautiful Madre de Tierra (Mumsy), who turned 50 years on Tuesday! I love you so much and wish I could have been there with you! Here she is, cheers Almuz!

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