Problems are Phantoms

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 8.27.33 PMWhenever I hear a friend tell a story about "some guy" they know who sits and meditates for 3 hours a day, I cringe! Who has this sort of time? And what's this guy doing in his other 21 hours? Meditation isn't some-thing that you have to take time out for. Meditation is deciding to tell your brain to shut up for a minute and stop judging everything, and just allowing yourself to feel and to just be.

I've been actively listening to my brain for the past couple of weeks and I think it might be a parrot! Seriously, it keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over and over until I write it down or something more important replaces that thought. If it's not on auto replay, it's judging everything: that's good, that's bad, I like that, I don't like that...

So I stop listening to it. It goes quiet and I begin to notice beauty. That's meditation! When your mind isn't present to recognize beauty, when something is amazing for no reason, that's the pinnacle of mediation. Everything just is and everything is beautiful.

I meditate as I walk to and from work everyday, I meditate when I'm eating, when I'm cleaning, exercising, what ever I'm doing that doesn't require thinking, I'm meditating.

Why should we tell our minds to be quiet and meditate?

don't let your mind do this to your face :-)

If you listen to your mind for long enough, you will notice that it's constantly solving problems. But if it doesn't have any problems to solve, it creates them and then tries to solves them; it takes you on a journey of 'what ifs'. What if I lost my job, what if my husband lied to me, what if my friends don't like me, etc, etc... You build up an emotional reaction to these crazy fantasies and all of the sudden your body thinks you're actually living them. Your mind sees this as a big problem then starts coming up with solutions.

This could all happen in your head before you've even had breakfast on your Sunday morning. You would have lived through losing your job and all your friends and then aged the same amount as if you had actually lived through it all for real by feeling all of that emotional stress.

Think of how much more peaceful your morning could have been if you didn't have to go through all that..

Because you were solving phantom problems in you mind, you may have missed the beauty of the way the sun enters your apartment creating art on your walls by the way it peeks through your blinds. You would have also missed how your body loves the feeling of your warm sheets against its skin in the cold winter mornings. And the amazing smell of your mother's home made tea.

Enjoy the moments you are in, that's meditation. Allow yourself to be fully present in the space you're in without judgement.

Meditate more, become happier, attract amazingness. (That's the real sequence of life).


Stay in tune,



Here's the beauty I saw as I was meditating this week:

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