I’m a Superstar Every Second Saturday

JKJJThe truth is, I am a rockstar. Every second Saturday at about 4pm when I’m home alone, I get really dressed up, turn on my mic and amp, and sing along to instrumental versions of my favorite songs on youtube. And for about an hour and a half, I give myself to an audience of a million phantoms in my mind. I can even sing the same song three or four times in a row and they love it! :-) In reality as I know it, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the level of superstardom that I am in my mind, nor do I think I want to. But in my imagination, I’m on par with Rihanna and I can turn it on and off whenever I like. Sometimes I even pretend that I’m famous when I walk down the street, and surprisingly when I exude this persona, people look at me like I am (or maybe I imagine that too). Either way, I’m living the life I want, whenever I want!

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 7.35.29 PMWhen we’re young, we have an ultimate image of our grown up selves. We think that we’re going to grow into the rockstars and the millionaires we want to be. The problem is that there may not be room for all of us on that stage at Madison Square Garden. With that realization a lot of us give up and settle for something more “achievable” by definition of our minds.

Not me! I am everything I’ve ever wanted to be. Just because I haven’t been invited to sing at Madison Square Garden, doesn’t mean I can’t in my mind. Your brain doesn’t know what’s real or imagined. So fulfill your potential even if it’s just in your imagination – this is the one place no one can tell you that ‘you can’t’. You can do anything in this space, do it well, give it your all, and if you love to do it enough, begin to share it with real people.

It’s not the result of fulfilling your dreams that is important, it’s the act itself.

You don’t need a stage to sing on, you just need your imagination.


Stay in tune,



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