Life's a Cup of Tea

JKJJWhat’s your favorite drink? Is it a particular smoothie, juice combo, cocktail, tea or coffee? Think about the components of this drink. It’s successful according to your palette because of a perfect balance between all its constituents. Not only is it a perfect blend of what it contains but equally due to its success is what it does not contain.

Now think of this drink as a metaphor to your “cup of life” – which is hopefully half full (side note – if you feel like it’s full, get a bigger glass so you still have room to grow).

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 10.35.59 AMMy cup is half full with a warm, honeyed jasmine green tea. It has to have the right amount of honey for my liking – too sweet and it’s undrinkable, not sweet enough and it’s unenjoyable. Same goes for temperature and tea bag saturation...

Another important thing to note is that if I started adding random ingredients like juice, cookies, wine or salad to my cup of tea (while I do enjoy these things on their own) –  it would lose its balance and no longer be enjoyable.

Moral of the story: you may enjoy and be passionate about a lot of things, and they may define you at different times of your life – as you are allowed to change your flavor preferences. But to be great, and I mean super successful at anything, you should really only drink one delicately balanced beverage at a time.

My green tea is my job at Ralph Lauren, the Jasmine tea blend is my Universe + Chorus work, the Honey is my sweet Husband and the water that holds all these components together is me.

This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t make time for my family, friends and hobbies. All it means is that I know what’s in my cup – I know what is most important to me and everything else is a delicious accompaniment.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my tasty week:

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