Rituals and Fries

JKJJAcross the World, throughout various cultures, societies and groups, you will find that pretty much all of them practice some kind of ritual. I would define a ritual as a prophetic event. You and who ever you do the ritual with always know the outcome, i.e, you do the rain dance - the rain will come, you go outside for a cigarette - you calm down, you eat - you're full, you meditate - you connect.

Some rituals are better than others, but I'm not judging. Instead, I want to propose for you to create a new ritual for yourself. One that helps you maintain a feeling of fulfillment.

My ritual is to write a post every Sunday about some philosophical wonder I've been thinking about all week, here on UC. It helps me maintain a sense of curiosity when I go about my week because I constantly search for inspirational triggers. But the most important thing is making sure that I actually share it - as energetic beings, we have a deep desire to connect and share the beauty we experience. This is what allows us to reach that feeling of fulfillment that we all seek.

What ever ritual you decide to create, even if it is one of the above, do it with someone. A simple 'Tuesday night dinner with a friend' ritual will induce that feeling of fulfillment as you grow your relationship while sharing your (beautiful) lives and maybe some fries.

In general, what ever you find beautiful, share it with at least one person and watch how you grow. :-)


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonderful week:

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