Positive Thinking is Delicious

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 8.23.01 PMLately I've been noticing just how little I know about my own body. I know that I have all these organs, but when something in there hurts - I usually have no idea what it is. I take care of my general wellbeing by eating organic foods, taking vitamins and exercising, so when something isn't right within me, I trust that I'm healthy enough for my body to work itself out. In thinking about this, I realized that our body is a metaphor for the life we live and the experiences we have. The world we live in has webs of interconnectedness that (just like our insides) we cannot see,  yet somehow everyone and everything is connected, and ironically we can feel it in our gut.

me and my girlfriends celebrating my birthday

Think of this web as your arteries, you don't want to block your arteries with unhealthy foods because it could cause a heart attack, and you don't want to block the web with bad thoughts because, well this could also cause a heart attack. What you put into your body will determine how you will feel in a few minutes and will determine how you look in a few months. What you put into the web (your relationships with yourself and others) will determine the depth and richness of them over time, and will also determine how you look and feel.

Food is for the vitality of your body. Thoughts are food for the vitality of your life. Make sure they're both healthy and you won't have to worry if something in your life goes wrong. If your mind is healthy, what ever situation you're in, you can trust that it will work itself out.


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