Stress is the Mean Old Lady I No Longer Visit

Life can be a little stressful sometimes. In a crowd of people, we could probably pick out the stressed out ones - you know signs: anxious, jittery, shuffling eyes, unfocused mind and an unstable body. These people probably have a lot on their plate, unfortunately they're not helping themselves by putting their body through something that should be handled solely by  the mechanics of the mind. I used to think that in order to show people that I was busy and that I was a good worker - I needed to outwardly portray the stress level I put on my brain. For some reason, I had this idea that if people saw I was frazzled and hurting myself for the good of the work that I would be praised and rewarded. And then I realized that's just retarded!

a little sign from the Universe

No one has ever got more work done with a higher precision of focus by being stressed in any way. Only when I began to approach my work calmly, with ease and a sense of wonder for what I was doing - was I able to finish my work faster, think more creatively and present my work more clearly.

Stress creates a blinding fog, not only are you blurring your own vision but also the people around you - especially the ones who work closely with you.

If the situation you're in genuinely warrants you to be stressed, ask yourself this - how would a pro (what-ever-your-title-is) handle this? Channel that ultimate guy in your position while also allowing yourself to be human and I guarantee you'll do a great job and actually enjoy it. We all have deadlines (all 7.1 billion of us), but that's not a literal term, no one's actually going to die if you're a few minutes off...

So relax, dissolve the mist and spread some sunlight into your workplace today, no one needs bad weather inside on a Monday morning. Say hi to the people around you, smile and take 5 minutes to chat to someone, maybe even 10, it might be the break your mind needed to solve that problem you've been working on.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonderful week,

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