Did You Get Left Off the Hogwarts Mailing List Too?

I often hear people say that they're going to find themselves, or they're going to go find out who they are. Admittedly, I was one of these people. I traveled all over the World searching for someone to look deep into my eyes and tell me I was a magical being stuck in a human body - that's the honest truth. Along the way, I met seemingly ordinary people who taught me a lot (you may remember the story about Salomon). But I was always on the lookout for some white haired, long bearded man (maybe in a cape) to tell me that somehow I was left off the Hogwarts mailing list.

Street advice

Silly, I know, but I still feel this way- like I belong in some club where people just get me, where I can just be. Where I can talk openly about all my magical dreams and where it doesn't matter what kind of job I have - as long as I like what I do. I've been waiting for the leader of this club to contact me and he/she still hasn't. Now I finally realized that it's me and this is it!

I realized that in the process of "searching for myself", I created myself. In all the experiences and encounters I've had, I never found out who I'm supposed to be, instead I learned how to shape my existence into who I want to be. I wrote a list of the perfect me and now my reality is moulding around me to help me reach my super-magical self.

The trick is to decide. Once you decide who you want to be, act like it till you become it. Now, I decide how special I want to be.

If you go searching for yourself, you only have to go as far as the closest mirror to see your limitations. If you want to create yourself - you have no bounds.


Stay in tune,

Alissa - writer for this magical club called Universe + Chorus


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