Grow to Glow

You know how people say that pregnant women have a glow about them, I think it's because they have extra life running through them as they grow the being within their bellies. Want to get the glow without the baby?

Like attracts like, when you're creating something, when you're growing, you need more life to flow through you in order to achieve your task. And since the sole purpose of the Universe is to grow, it will be more than happy to help you out.

What is 'extra life'?

Think of your body as an energy field with wires plugged into you which are feeding you life, the Universe is your generator. Each wire ignites a unique light within you. The white is your irrevocable connection with life itself and everything in it (make sure this one is always on). The pink is your immune system (when you're unwell, make sure this wire is plugged in, so that the Universe can help boost your energy field with immunity). The purple is intuition, and your ticket to being 'lucky'.

Most of us live our lives unconsciously, blaming others and our own lack of natural 'success' attributes for our failures. Well, I believe that our luck is in our own hands, and all we have to do is plug in.

coming your way

Imagine rays of light coming from the unending, ever-abundant Universe and penetrating your energy field like live wires. You can order whichever kind of wires you like: love, peace, health, connectivity, success, abundance, harmony, purpose, etc. Imagine them feeding you this energy and feel how they fulfill you with it.

When you're plugged in and you're using that energy to create something, not only will you exude this glowing light but you will have all the luck in the Universe propelling you to grow and succeed.


Stay in tune,



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