We all know that it's bad luck when you spill the salt, break a mirror, walk under a ladder (well,this one's just common sense), open an umbrella inside, etc... But, do we really know why? Personally, I'm not into bad luck, I only like the good kind, so I'm going to change my taught superstitions to "super-duper-stitions", where anything and everything that happens in my life is all for good luck! If I spill the salt, it means good luck; if I fall over, it's for good luck; and when I walk, sit, eat, sleep, work, that's right.... It's aaaaall for good luck!

Have you ever said to your self that bad luck comes in threes and then waited for all three horrid events to "just happen"? What would have happened if you said, 'oh this shitty thing happened to me for good luck, and good luck comes in millions'! What do you think would have "just happened" after that?

We create our world with our thoughts! Our thoughts are like a web, if you tangle some bad luck in there, you might get trapped in it, but if you're only waiting for the good, you'll always be able to see the good (even if the situation may seem truly shitty from the outside). The only hard part now, is to reweave your web, by actively listening to your thoughts and reconditioning them to the good side.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!


Stay in tune, Alissa


Welcome to my world...

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