Why Wishing Works

If you were given the opportunity to sit down to reveal your dreams with the company's CEO of your dream job, or GOD, which would you choose? In a world full of 7.2 billion people (+1 person every second of every day), everyone is vying for a chance to be heard, seen or remembered.

We're on the quest for significance. We want our lives to mean something. And why not? Why else would you bother going through the pain and hardships of life if it didn't all add up to something magnificent.

Sadly, many of us continually feel unnoticed. It seems that there's always someone smarter, or younger or more beautiful to take our place; and this becomes the justified reason in our minds - of why our dreams pass us by.

In actuality, this is not the way it works.

No one is on the search for you - to give you your dream, no one may even know what your dream is, and more importantly, even YOU may not know what you want.

  • This brings us to step one of wish making: define you dream.
  • Step two, remember that everyone (or most people) have a dream they are in pursuit of. They are not in pursuit of giving you your dream.
  • Step three, make the wish - tell the Universe / God / All Energy your dream. You are an inseparable part of it, and if it seems like no one else cares about your dream, the Universe is always working in your favor, just tell it what you need!
  • Step four, listen to the Universe inside you for guidance on steps you need to take to realize your dream.


Although there is no limit on the amount of wishes you make, remember that you will have to exert your own energy in exchange for attaining it. This is an undeniable law of physics that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

Lastly, remember, that having money is not a dream, it is an output or the result of a realized dream. A dream is something you love doing/creating, a dream is something you believe in.


Stay in tune,



My dream is to create something I believe in, I listened to my Universe and created the Three Golden Wishes - a necklace designed to prompt you to make your three wishes for every day that you wear it. It was inspired by Buddhist Prayer Beads - which monks would use as a counting tool for the amount of times they recited a mantra each day.

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